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Producing high-quality genetically-preserved seed is our primary focus. BFI Native Seeds offers an entire spectrum of services centered on providing the best in restoration management and native seed genetics. We can take you from the time you have the idea to a healthy restored native habitat, and every step along the way.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW)

click here to download the Shrub-Steppe and Grassland Restoration Manual.

Site Evaluation

Visiting the site and having an idea of habitat purposing, history, challenges, and opportunties can be important in restoration. Moreover, if the site is sensitive or faces restrictions, assessing the conditions and the diversity of site needs is critical.

Consulting, Recommendations, Reporting

Comprehensive project reviews including: site analysis, cultural methods recommendations, weed control treatments, activity timelines, written reports, and customized planting prescriptions.


Gathering the seeds with the genetics that meet the demands of a site's specific requirements is a vital step in creating a truly native restoration. Ensuring that the seed gathered is the right seed and will be suitable for continued propagation is a BFI specialty.


Grow-out procedures that ensure maximum diversity in expression and preserve the native character of the plants while generating a significant increase in available seed. BFI can scale production to meet your needs small or large.

Cleaning, Mixing, and Delivery

Here at BFI, we have a very extensive assortment of seed cleaning equipment we can provide precise cleaning from our air-screen machines to our electronic color sorter. One of the most damaging elements in a restoration project, from our experience, is the introduction of alien species in a low-quality mix from a vendor that doesn't realize the sensitivity of many of the sites being rehabilitated. The solid establishment of native communities can be slowed considerably if aliens, not even part of the initial site challenges, have to be suppressed.

It is not only having the right source identified native plants for your site, but having the proper proportions of each modified to match the various needs of your site. We can provide vegetation mixes to meet a number of different restoration scenarios.

Additionally, BFI goes beyond just shipping you seed, we understand that meeting your specific cultural methods for planting means we have to mix the seed so that it will work with your equipement. What good is seed that you can't get planted? Depend on BFI Native Seeds to be there to help you.

Having your seed show up on time is integral to keeping your project on schedule. Realizing this, BFI Native Seeds strives to make sure your seed is there when you need it. We offer several different methods of delivery and payment, so give us a call and we will make it convienent for you.

Site Preparation

Depending on site conditions, it can take a serious investment of equipment and labor getting a site ready, not to mention the difficulty in finding the experience and knowledge to do the job. BFI has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get your site done right.

Weed Management

Weed management starts the day you purpose the site, and goes on well after it has been planted. BFI has more experience in native habitat weed management than any other firm. If your site needs weed control advice, ask us to help.

Planting and Monitoring

Getting the seed to the ground can be done several ways, if you want it planted on our site for successful establishment, then let BFI help.

Once everything is in the ground the restoration does not end. Monitoring and maintenance of the site must be part of the follow through with the goal of long-term sustainablitiy in mind. BFI can watch your site, keep you aprised of the situation, and take steps to ensure success.