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About Us

BFI Native Seeds LLC is commited to preserving local genetics and keeping native grass and forb source-identified seeds available for restoration.

Over 1.4 million pounds of native, source-identified seeds have been provided to our customers over the last 5 years. You want to ensure that our habitats are responsibly taken care of, and using genetically-appropriate native seed is part of that goal. So thanks to, You, our customers, we do what you do.

Full-service site and habitat restoration from project inception to final site monitoring and maintenance with all the steps along the way.

"An intellectual inertia now exists that true native genetics best serve long-term sustainable restoration goals."

Wherever you are in your restoration project BFI can help make your site a success. From a local landscaping project to a major habitat establishment, our expertise with native grass and forb seed will give your project a winning edge.

Our source-identified native biotypes of grass and forb seed is the largest available collection commercially available in quantity. Multiple bio-types of the following grasses are available including: Bluebunch Wheatgrass, Sandberg's Bluegrass, Idaho Fescue, Mountain Brome, Great Basin Wildrye, Blue Wildrye, Bottlebursh Squirreltail, and Prairie Junegrass. Many of our native Northwest bio-types like Wahluke, Duffy Creek-lithosol, Zumwalt, and others have multiple source-identified species under that regional designation allowing for many sites to have a more comprehesive re-vegetation plan. Over 40 years of experience with Inland Northwest and Pacific Northwest shrub-steppe, East-slope habitats, along with our premier collection of focused native grass seed and forb seed bio-types, lets BFI Native Seed offer you a combination you will find nowhere else.