Wind Energy Development - Revegetation of Disturbed Habitat

With the expansion of wind energy projects in the Pacific Northwest, and Washington in particular, BFI is working with development and construction companies to protect wildlife habitat values, restore fragile plant communities, and prevent the spread of invasive species. Horizon Energy, Puget Sound Energy, and various construction firms have contracted with BFI to provide both appropriate plant material and seeding methods to repair the impacts of construction on lithosol plant communities, springs, and sagebrush-steppe.

For the Kittitas Valley Wind Project in Thorp, project guidelines required a diverse mix of grass and forb species for each of three soil types; loamy, lithosol, and rocky/lithosol complex. BFI provided seed that originated from within the same watershed as the project, and was adapted to the harsh growing conditions of this site.

BFI was also contracted to revegetate the site using our state-of-the art rangeland drills and broadcasters. BFI worked with project developers to develop a seeding methodology that combined multiple seeding techniques, in order to provide the best seed-soil contact and create optimal conditions for seedling germination and growth. Three seed mixes were applied at three separate seeding rates on over 15 miles of access roads and around crane pads. In addition, BFI worked with developers throughout the project to tailor a weed management plan to unforeseen weed flushes, and coordinated weed control with seeding.

Figure 13. Sites dominated by native bunchgrasses
after 2 years (photo taken 2013)

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