OVEREN ROAD SAFE-CRP - Diversification of CRP Plantings

BFI works with private landowners who participate in the CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) and SAFE-CRP (State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement) programs to develop and carry out restoration necessary to convert agricultural land to native wildlife habitat. Both programs are funded by the Washington State Farm Service Agency program. Specifically, the SAFE program aims to create higher habitat diversity for a site with the use of native forbs in addition to native grass species to create more wildlife and pollinator habitat. Prior to beginning work on this 530 acre area in Douglas County, WA, the site was dominated by crested wheatgrass and had little plant diversity. BFI created a restoration plan that incorporated the complete removal of the crested wheatgrass in order to prepare the site for seeding of a variety of native plant species. This site preparation was accomplished by mowing, harrowing, spraying and disking to remove all plants and root systems. Seeding of the site occurred in two phases: Grass seeding in 2013 and forb seeding in 2014.

BFI Native Seeds

In fall 2013, the prepared seedbed was drill seeded with a mix of native grass species. A light-rate (16 oz/ac) glyphosate application was completed to control fall-germinated cheatgrass. Despite being a drought year, the seeded grasses established successfully due to excellent control of competition from cheatgrass and crested wheatgrass. Treatment of the fall-germinated cheatgrass was critical to seedling success. No forbs were included in the first seed mix, therefore, BFI was able to treat broadleaf weeds with specialized herbicides during the growing season without affecting the seeded grass species. In fall of 2014, a seed mix of native forbs was drill seeded over the established grass to complete the species composition.

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