HUNTZINGER BOAT LAUNCH - Riparian Mitigation Planting

BFI has worked on a variety of restoration projects for the Grant County Public Utility District including a riparian mitigation planting at the Huntzinger boat launch, located along the Priest Rapids pool on the Columbia River. The site conditions near the boat launch were extremely cobbly and rocky, with little water-holding capacity. To overcome this limitation, BFI developed a planting protocol using a Stinger-type hydraulic machine to drill holes into the substrate to plant willows and cottonwoods. This technique ensured that the 6-8 ft. tall willow and cottonwood stakes would be planted deep enough to have access to consistent groundwater, despite regular fluctuations in the pool level.  Overall, about 3200 willows and cottonwoods were planted throughout the site.

Figure 17 and 18. Hydraulic “Stinger” drilling holes for planting.

Figure 22. High survival and success of planted shrubs.

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