FIRELINE RESTORATION - Fireline Restoration Projects

Wildfire suppression activities often involve the creation of a fireline to curtail the growth of the fire. Using a bull-dozer, fireline creation scrapes away all vegetation to expose mineral soils, and typically kills bunchgrasses, shrubs, and other vegetation within the line area and are usually between 15 and 30 feet wide, and can be many miles long. BFI has completed rehabilitation plans for several firelines throughout the state to restore native vegetation and prevent the invasion of non-native weedy species on the heavily disturbed ground.

The first step for fireline rehabilitation involves evening out the contours of the line by pulling in berms and piles of earth created by the bulldozer, followed by harrowing the ground to smooth out and firm the soil. This process ensures that there is an even and consistent seedbed in preparation for drill seeding. A unique seed mix is then created that uses the most genetically appropriate grass, and if desired, forb seed. After seeding along the line is completed, there may be follow up herbicide applications to control weedy species and reduce competition for the newly seeded native species. Tee goal for fireline restoration is for the line to become invisible; to fully rehabilitate the disturbed ground such that it quickly re-integrates into the surrounding native plant community seamlessly.

Figure 32. Fireline restoration contributing to wildlife habitat at Priest Ranch

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